Ennui…boredom…zero motivation….however you spin it I’ve got it.

I don’t know if it’s summer, which for the record is not my favourite season….I don’t like heat or humidity…or the remnants of the move or what.  But I am bored.  I don’t like any of my knitting projects.  I don’t like anything I’m planning on starting.  I looked through ALL my yarn and I’m not inspired.  I don’t feel like buying more and God knows I don’t want to finish anything.  I don’t even want to knit.  As the DH says, I must be sick.

And this ennui has bled into my “real” life.  I have a hard time getting out bed in the morning.  I’m not motivated at work.  And forget making dinner when I get home.  I’m not sick.  Well, maybe I am.  Sick of summer.  I like the longer days and I like all my sandals but enough with the hotness.  Enough with the humidity.  It’s giving me headaches and making me cranky.

Of course, come mid February I’ll be whinging about how much I hate winter.  I must be Canadian.  I’m clearly never satisfied with the weather at hand.


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