It’s a sickness

Lately I’ve gone hogwild a little overboard with the online purchases.  Some of it I can justify.  Two of my knitta friends, Glenna and Martha, have an upcoming milestone birthday so I had to get them something nice.   I’m also part of a swap (Ravelry ID probably required) and my partner deserved some really funky [yet within the $20 range as per the swap rules] yarn.  Some of the purchases from here were feel good presents given the whole moving sucks vibe that’s been going on for the last month.  I need want many things from here but so far I have remained steadfast and my Visa has yet to jump out and make a purchase without asking me first.  Even though I look every day.  It won’t be long before my Visa makes a break for it I’m sure.

I’m supposed be practicing fiscal responsiblilty, especially given the Money Pit and the several hundred dollars I’ve spent already on it this month.  And let’s not talk about what the DH has spent on the MP…he makes me look like a rank amature in the July spending-money-like-it’s-going-out-of-style-sweepstakes.

But when I opened my email from PurlSoho this morning, fiscal responsibility flew out the window.  It hadn’t been home for long but let’s not discuss that particular flaming elephant in the room.  And it wasn’t even yarn that got me.  It was my other addiction.  Yes that’s right.  I’m two-timing knitting with a sewing book.  And it’s not even in English!  I also think maybe I might need a PEng to decipher the patterns too but that’s what the DH is for.  If I can convince him to “pretty please just look for 10 seconds a this” and hope he gets hypnotized by the pretty coloured lines that seem to have no rhyme or reason to those of us without a PEng.

Clearly I have taken leave of my senses.  Oh Naomi Ito, your simple lines and beautiful fabrics got me.  I had visions of myself wearing those pretty, floaty dresses [even though I rarely wear a dress and much prefer pants and let’s not even get into how many “are you pregnant?” questions these dresses will no doubt garner] and sewing matching dresses for my three nieces [who will be in university before I finish one dress let alone three].  Before I knew it, I was entering my Visa number into the online order form and now the book is winging its way to me.  With a three week layover in a Canada Customs warehouse no doubt.

I feel no remorse.  If I don’t actually set foot in the store does it count as real shopping?


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