The Pit of Despair

I know that unpacking takes time.  And we’ve only been in the house for just over a week so it’s ok that we’ve still got boxes and crap EVERYWHERE.  But I’m anal and want it all put away.  NOW!  I guess it’s the Librarian in me that is driving me to put everything in it’s proper place.  And it’s just so depressing not being able to find things.  Important things.  Like pants (trousers to those of you who are from the UK…I know exactly where my underwear is thank you).  And cereal.  And my knitting books.  How is it possible that half my knitting books have just disappeared?  I’d blame the DH but I personally loaded them into the car and drove them to the new house.  Of course I really, really, REALLY need to look at those books I can’t find even though I have no time and no comfortable place to knit.  My skin is starting to crawl with how much I need to read those books.

And where did all the cereal get to?  I’d like to believe that our house gnome followed us from the old house and is messing with us by moving stuff around after we go to bed.  But the reality of the situation is such that the cereal is probably in the hall closet.  Which is currently blocked by the giant armoire until we can stabilize the floor where it’s going to sit.  Or so I hope.  Maybe my missing knitting books are there too?  I should check.

The DH and I have now gone beyond the “fun” part of moving, which I’d describe as opening boxes and being happy to see what’s in them.  Now we’re at the picky stuff.  You know, boxes of extension cords and papers that are probably pretty important but there’s really no place or time to see how important they are.  And there are boxes and boxes of DH’s crap that I can’t believe he moved.  I mean really, how many ice trays do two people really need?  The new fridge has built in ice trays so we really don’t need any extra trays at all.

To make myself feel better, I went here last night.  I didn’t go right at the opening, which I understand was chaotic…I have enough chaos in my life right now so I’m trying to cut back.  I have to say, I was a tad disappointed.  It didn’t stop me from buying yarn (colour 04) I don’t need but I was hoping for this since I have ambitious plans to make Lizard Ridge.  No luck.  I was surprised by the amount of eyelash and novelty yarns though.  There is a time and a place for all that for sure, but given how many people love this sale, rave about it and drive from all over to come to it, I’d have to say it wasn’t the most satisfactory shopping experience I’ve had.


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