This makes me happy

Yesterday there was an incident with two people who are very close to the DH.  I’d love to get into it but with this being the internet, the DH having a nosey large family and me having a fairly unique last name I really can’t.  Anyway, the whole thing made the DH upset and me upset that he was upset.  The other people I don’t care for so much.  But that’s not news.

We came home and I decided only yarn could ease the pain.  And since he was on the computer I couldn’t buy more yarn (because it’s getting to be ridiculous) so I decided to go play in what Glenna calls my yarn cave.  Who knew I had all this yarn?  Not me.  It’s amazing how big the stash really is when it’s all in one place and not spread about the house.  And there’s still three more giant totes, three boxes and a basket to unpack.  Excuse the mess, we’re still unpacking.  But ooooh it makes me happy, messy or not.


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