Cents a litre that is.  That’s what gas in my neighbourhood is selling for.  And a litre, for any US readers, is roughly one quarter of a gallon.  Which works out to pretty cheap I think.  I’m “math challenged” so don’t take my word for it.

Anyway, I never thought I’d see gas selling for less than a dollar again in my lifetime.  In May gas was $1.26 a litre and close to $1.50 in the summer.  So why is it so cheap now?

$0.7711 is why.

That’s what our dollar is worth in the US.  Which kind of sucks.  There are lots of reasons I know but a big one is that low oil (and thus low gas) prices mean a diminshed Canadian dollar.

High Canadian dollar = high gas prices.  Low gas prices = ridiculously low Canadian dollar.   I like cheap gas (and I drive a small car so I’m saving even MORE money).  The downside is that I really don’t like my Visa bill after buying yarn online from the US sites.  Upside…drive to more LYS’ now that gas is cheap, downside….pay through the nose to get “cheaper” and different kinds of yarn from the US. 

Which means “window” shopping at my favourite US online yarn sellers.  And keeping my Visa in my wallet.  But I have heard rumours on Ravelry of a spectacular Webs sale after Christmas.  I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to practice fiscal restraint.  My guess is it will crack sometime around December 27th……just in time for the Webs sale. 

Someone has to kick start the US economy.


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