All by myself

Cue the cheesy music.

So it’s official, DH is now on-site at his project three hours away.  He’s been holed up at a not-as-bad-as-the-name implied hotel and comes home tomorrow.  He’ll have been gone three nights and four days. Thus far, he’s been reading binders of procedures.  Woooo those engineers sure know how to have fun!  But really, binders of procedures?  Couldn’t he do that at home and spare the company several hundreds of dollars instead of staying in hotel, eating out and charging for mileage?  Apparently not.

I have two  more years of this to look forward to.  Being a work week widow that is.  The plan is that he’ll leave early Monday morning to be on-site at 8am.  He’ll work four 10 hour days and then drive home Thursday night, spend some (or all…this is the DH who am I kidding) of Friday in the local office and spend the weekend trying to fit seven days of stuff into two days.  At some point during the week we’ll meet up at a half-way point for dinner so that the both of us are beat for work the next day.  Good times.

Aside from the obvious cons, that I miss him , that nothing gets done around here and I am so very, very tempted to eat potato chips for dinner (so far I’ve resisted) there are several pros to this situation.  It is true that absence makes the heart grow fonder.  I’ll be a lot happier to see him on Friday than I normally am.  Also, the regular every-other-Monday-night dinners at the outlaws have been put on hiatus.  I am hoping they never return but I know the MIL’s power of “the guilt”.  They’ll be back in some shape or form but for now I’m just going to enjoy NOT EATING  CRAPTASTIC FOOD EVERY OTHER MONDAY.  Ahem.  I’m a little excited about that prospect.

Also, and I never would have expected this given the rotten time I had of it last time DH was away , I am loving sleeping by myself.  And the cat loves that she gets her side of the bed back.  I don’t think I’ve slept this well since I got married.

I also love not having to wrestle with the shower head every morning so that the spray doesn’t blind me as soon as I step into the shower.  I love leaving the dishes in the sink.  I love that the fridge is always full.  I especially love that I don’t need to cook fancy dinner unless I want to.  And I am TOTALLY loving all the knitting time.

But will I love all of this in a few weeks?  Probably some of it…the no outlaw dinners for sure.  But I know I’ll still miss the DH. It’s awfully quiet in the house without him.  It’s no fun talking to myself and the cat won’t answer back.  I don’t like having to kill the icky creepy crawly bugs that seem to come up the drain every year at this time.  Nor do I like emptying the stinky green bin.  I do not look forward to shoveling the driveway when it snows either.  And despite getting a great sleep it really is nice to have him next to me at night.  Thus far the monsters-under-the-stairs have remained firmly under the stairs but you never know…under-the-stair-monsters are unpredictable that way.  They never come out when he’s home.

Anyway, he comes home tomorrow and after that there are only 103 weeks of this left.  I can handle anything for 1o3 weeks.  I hope.


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