All of a sudden it hit me…there are 46 days until Christmas

That doesn’t count today.  YIKES!!!!  I’ve got one pair of mittens made.  Three more to go.  Two sweaters to make (sadly both are men’s…but they aren’t big men), one poncho/swancho/thingy to make (one is mostly done thank God), a hat, an aligator scarf, some stuffies, two pair of children’s pjs and I really don’t want to think about the rest of the list.  Yes I am crazy and no I don’t expect to sleep until December 25th either.  My saving grace is that many of these projects are on big needles using bulky yarn.  Can’t beat that combination.

On a completely unrelated note, Steph tagged me with a meme.  I’m excited as it’s my very first one.  I have to come up with seven things I love.  Which shouldn’t be hard as there is a whole lot more than seven things I love in this world.  I then have to photograph them (might be harder) and then upload all those photos to the blog.  Which will be the hardest part of all given that I’m innately lazy and a technical doofus.  Anyway, Steph I’m on it.  Check back later this week for the results.  Well, maybe check back next week as this Saturday we’re having a gathering of DH’s clan (including the dreaded outlaws) at our house and I have to bust my sorry ass to clean the house so that it’s one less thing for the MIL to bitch about.  I shouldn’t care but I do…I told you I was crazy.  So I’ll be busy this week being “house proud” but the itchy and scratchy sweater is waiting patiently to be cast on.  Oh so I’m ridicuously excited about the prospect of giving a shite gift to one of the banes of my existence I cannot tell you.  Also stay tuned for it “itchy” update.  I will find some time this week to work on that baby.


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