Being good

Ok, first, I am not a little woman.  Second, I like to eat.  A lot.  Which not co-incidentally has led me to become less little than I used to be.  Third, I don’t get the whole “I’m being good” comment when women are confronted with food that is less than healthy for them.

I like to bake and find it relaxing.  DH isn’t much of a dessert eater and is away much of the week now so anything I bake usually makes its way to my office.  I’ve even been known to bring in a chocolate bar or 10.  Other pod dwellers bring in candy and fruit and vegetable platters.  It’s been remarked that it’s always good eating in my part of the office.  Things are left there because where I sit is a fairly heavily trafficked area.  And we have a big table.  Which is useful for setting out cake. 

We also don’t (often) advertise that there is food in our pod, it’s just there and people are welcome to eat it or not.  Unlike my MIL, I don’t force pe0ple to eat what I bring nor do I guilt them into eating it.  It’s there, eat it, don’t eat it.  I really don’t care.

And while I don’t mind answering questions about what the food is or who brought it or made it, what really burns my ass is are the ladies who look longingly at the pie/cookies/cake/candy EVERY FREAKING TIME THEY WALK PAST ALL DAY LONG and make  a point of saying “oh, I can’t, I’m being good”.  Or, when their willpower finally gives way, they take a tiny sliver or half of a half of a piece and say the same thing….”oh, I’m being good”. 

Well, yes, yes you are being good.  Good at annoying the crap out of me.  Please.  Either eat the food or don’t.  I personally have no willpower so I know all about the siren call of open potato chip bags, containers of whip cream and cakes and cookies of all sorts.  There’s a reason my Christmas swap cookies go immediately into the freezer upon entering into my house. 

But like I said, I don’t force people to eat.  I also don’t precut the food into giant pieces either.  You can take as much, or as little as you want.  And as far as I know none of my podmates have health problems (ie diabetes)  that would inhibit them eating treates.  If they did I’d be much more sensitive and either stop bringing food in or make it diabetic friendly.  Besides, if you don’t like chocolate cake or almond cookies or Christmas cake or whatever I have made I don’t expect you to eat it.  Really.  I get enough of that business at the MIL’s and don’t feel the need to pass on that kind behaviour.  I bake, because as I said earlier, I find it relaxing.  It’s not about ego, I just like to give things to others and make people happy.  Sometimes a piece of cake really does have the ability to make a bad day better.

So please ladies in my office.  Eat the food with gusto or pass it up entirely.  Stop taking tiny portions and please stop justifying it to everyone within earshot that you’re  ”being good” by only eating a teeny tiny piece.  All you’re being is annoying and if you keep it up I will cut you off  and there’ll be no more cake for you.  Ever.  Which will suck because I just bought several new cookbooks and I’m dying to try them all out.


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