Burrying the hatchet

So vacation has been a tricky issue at Casa Clean House this past week.  DH was adamant that he was going to Greece and there is no way, save quitting my job (and then there’d be a whole lot of tricky issues), that I could get the whole month of August off.

After thinking about some options and talking to my sister, who basically cut to the chase and said suck it up and stop arguing about something so stupid, DH and I have come to a vacation compromise we can both live with.

He is going to the village mid-August.  I will follow a week later.  I will spend four nights and two days, no my math isn’t off….I will arrive late in the day, I will spend the next full day recovering from a pretty brutal series of flights, the next day we will go to a neighbouring town, spend the next day back in the village and the next day we leave for Athens early in the morning and then go on to parts unknown, likely Istanbul.  Two days and four nights in the village.  I can deal with that.  Hell I spent four days in the middle of Botswana with no indoor plumbing (no indoors really), no internet, no shower and survived quite nicely thank you.

With the remaining days we had planned to go to Athens and Dubrovnik, Croatia.  According to the travel agent though, this would cost us an arm and a leg which, after renovating the Money Pit, we are already short on.  So Dubrovnik is out and Istanbul is in.  For the moment.  This may change…next option is Rome…oh the choices we may have to make!

I haven’t been to Turkey yet (DH has but he’s been EVERYWHERE)  and I think it would be cool to go.  At the very least I can finally put some of my third year History of the Crusades course to good use…once I “refresh” my memory on Wikipedia.  Plus, we do need new rugs and my oldest niece wants us to look out for Aladin.

Truth be told, I’m actually looking forward to going to Athens and while I would have preferred Croatia, Istanbul isn’t a bad second option.  The long flights are a pain but I’ll have a ton of time for knitting.  And DH has promised to replace the taps, paint the basement and closets and do a few other small things before he leaves.  Not that I’m complaining, but it will be nice to get out of the rain and into the (dry) heat and sun of the Balkan summer for two weeks.  And you never know, we may very well run into a real live genie…I could use a few wishes to come true.


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