But my horoscope said I’d have a great day

Ever have one of those days?  You know the kind….your hair looks like crap, your fat pants don’t fit, you can only find one shoe, you hate the lunch you bring to work, work degenerates into one big clusterf*ck.  Yep, it was one of those days.  Even the mail sucked today.  My Webs Skein of the Month package arrived today.  Since I read the Spoiler thread on Ravelry, I already knew it was going to be Classic Elite’s Inca Alpaca, I wasn’t surprised.  What surprised me is the icky colour.  Now I love love LOVE this club and normally  it’s been great with the yarns and colours (which are chosen at random and I’ve had good luck to get pretty colours) so I guess this was my random month to receive Peridot green (colour #1111).  Which will make me look bilious.  It’s soft but eh.  And it’s only 100 metres which isn’t enough to make much.  Maybe some mitts for one of my nieces?  Or maybe it will be regifted.  Or relgated to the bottom of my ever burgeoning stash. I’d be happy to send it to a home where it will be loved.

I think I need to go and play with the swift that I bought at Kitchener-Waterloo Knitter’s Fair on Saturday.  I’m too lazy to take pictures of all the yarn I bought (but it was a lot let me tell you).  It’s in the yarn cave/craft room/studio which a problem child of a different sort right now.  And seeing as how the combination of all the unpleasantness listed above has made me so not interested in anything (including making dinner which will be a problem as DH is set to arrive home in about 15 minutes) I think an hour or two in my happy place playing with my new toys might just be enough to restore me into someone who is fit for human interaction.  And we can always go out for dinner.  I’m thinking I might feel like sushi.


One Response to But my horoscope said I’d have a great day

  1. Susan says:

    Gotta admit–that is a tough color. Sushi sounds good to me–I’ve cooked for so many days in a row now, the family thinks I’m up to something. Hehe!

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