Camping widow weekend.

If you are friends with me on Facebook you’ll know by my numerous status updates over the past day that DH is away for the weekend.  That makes two out of the past four weekends he’s been out of town and four out of the past four weekends that have been all about him or his family, but hey, who’s counting?  He peaked too early and the rest of the summer belongs to me whether he likes it or not.

This weekend he’s gone down to a provincial park in Southwestern Ontario with two other guys for a camping stag weekend.  Apparently they are drinking beer, terrorizing people on Lake Erie in a catamaran and, well, umm, that’s it.  I thought stags would be a little more exciting than that but I guess when you and your friends are in your 40s this is as good as it gets.

I jest though.  I’d much rather he cheat death on a catamaran than look at girls in some icky strip club in Windsor.  Someone would be sleeping in the shed if that was the case.

I, on the other hand, have had a much more exciting weekend in my opinion.  Last night my friend Martha came over and we indulged in some girl talk and some knitting.  I ate some chips after she left (swollen ankles be damned!), tried unsuccessfully to spin on my drop spindle and messed about on Facebook (damn you Bejewelled) until the wee hours of the morning.  I slept in, had a leisurely breakfast and managed to mostly avoid temptation today at two yarn stores (grand total spent was $72…woo me!) and the shoe store.  

But let’s talk about shoe stores.  Why is it that shoe designers think women want to look like hookers?  I mean really.  Who needs platform, gold lame, studded, lucite, fringed hootchie mama shoes that lace up to your knees?  Do you know how hard it is to find a three inch open toe/sandal in black/brown/any solid colour with minimal straps and no crap all over it?  Good taste is dead I tell you.

I tried this new store Stylesense and quite frankly I was sorely disappointed.  You can see from the linked page that tasteful and classy do not appear to be in stock at that store.  Or rather they are, but classy and tasteful cost over $200 and as I have few formal occasions in my life now, shoes that expensive do not have a very good return on investment.

I did manage to pick up a small present for a cousin-in-law who I like very much, a pair of brown socks for $2 and this pair of Havaianas (except mine are lilac).  And they were significantly cheaper.  And yes, they really are the world’s most comfortable flip flop.  DH gets all bent out of shape when I wear shoes in the house but my feet get cold even in the summer time so these will be my “house” shoes.  Sometimes I let him get his way….I’m not completely heartless.

I also spent some time messing around on today as I have heard good things about it.  And our dollar is riding high so I thought I’d see what they have to offer.  Same deal as Stylesense….hootchie mama shoes.  I have no issue with high heels.  Despite having arthritic toes I love me some high heels and the higher the better.  What I don’t love is fringe, gladiator straps, platforms, studs and more than one buckle per shoe.

At this rate I’ll be wearing my lilac Havaianas to the weddings.  I won’t be stylish but I’ll be comfortable that’s for sure.

But the fun has to end.  Tomorrow DH comes home and while I fully intend to sleep in yet again, the good times will come to crashing halt at 11am as I’ll have to hide the yarn I did buy, wash two days worth of dishes, plant my perennials that have been sitting on the porch for nearly a week, start doing laundry and cram all the cleaning I haven’t done in the past two weeks into three hours so that I can make DH feel guilty for leaving me alone yet again to deal with the Money Pit while he gads about with his friends.  What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him and I can always use another sushi dinner paid for by DH to assuage his guilt.  Shhh, my slack off weekend will be our little secret.


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