Half a world away

Today is American Thanksgiving so happy turkey day to my American friends.

It’s also slightly more than halfway through my parents’ trip.  They’re in New Zealand right now, having a blast and enjoying themselves but I miss them very much.  This is their second long trip this year (my mom just retired so they’re dialing up their vacations) and I certainly don’t (or can’t) begrudge them from seeing exotic and far away places.  I’m happy they are going out and doing things and spending their money.  You can’t take it with you afterall and let’s face it, they earned it so they may as well spend it.

My mom and I are very close and I talk to her daily.  Sometimes many times a day.  We talk about all kinds of things, sometimes important but mostly not.  Silly things that annoy us or make us laugh or that we just want to share with each other.  These trips are very hard for me since all of a sudden I can’t talk to her.  Oh I can email and she emails back, but it’s not the same thing.  Email can’t hold a candle to a phone conversation.  And it also sucks because leading up to their trip there’s a flurry of phone calls daily so it’s not even like I can wean myself off talking to her in preparation for the long drought of no contact.

DH tries to fill in the gaps but it’s not the same thing.  He hasn’t known me my whole entire life and while we have a strong bond too, it’s a very different kind of bond.  Like the saying goes, a daughter is a daughter for life.

Anyway, they’ll be home in 10 days.  I can’t wait.


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