How much???? You have to be kidding me!

So in the interests of making my life better and all, I stepped on the bathroom scale this morning.  Now, I know I’ve gained weight.  Most of my clothes don’t fit.  And I can see the changes in my body.  It’s a bit disheartening but I’m dealing with it.  Or rather I thought I was but today for some reason I decided to face reality.

Right.  So, I figured I may as well really know what the damage was.  Today.  This morning.  And it’s official, I have gained 40 lbs in two and a half years.  40 lbs.  How did this happen?  Well, I know how it happened and let’s face it, it was a lot of fun putting it on.  It will not nearly as much fun taking it off. 

This isn’t going to be a whiney post.  I kind of suspected the damage I’d done and now that I know, it will be a lot easier to avoid those bags of chips.  Ok, it won’t be easier, for me it’s NEVER easy to avoid chips.  But it will be an easier decision to make.  And I will learn to like carrots and celery without dip…most days anyway, you can’t entirely exclude all yummy-yet-bad-for-you-food from your life forever.  And one day, soon hopefully, my knees will thank me, my clothes will fit, my skin will glow and I hopefully won’t huff and puff anymore as I make my way up two sets of stairs. 

Also a trip to the sunny Caribbean where I will have no choice but to stuff my sorry self into a bathing suit is a pretty good incentive to get my “house” in order.  Goals are good things.


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