I can’t stop at just one.

This statement applies to both chips and chapters.  Chapters of books that is.  And by now, at my advanced age, I should know better.

I started Astrid and Veronika last night.  It’s a short book, 250 or so pages.  And it’s a lovely, bittersweet read.  I’m no book critic but I enjoyed it and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to fill a few hours of their day.

Brief synopsis: Astrid is an 80 something year old woman living alone in her ancestral house in a small village in Sweden.  The villagers think she’s weird and she’s got lots of (sometimes icky) secrets.  Veronika is a 30 year old woman reeling from the death of her fiance (on her birthday no less) who comes to the village to forget.  And write her second book, which unsurprisingly is not going so well.  She lives across the field from Astrid and the two women strike up an unlikely friendship that lasts until Veronika’s time in the village ends.  Each woman unburdens her self of past tragedies and both admit love back into their lives.

I have to say, the first 15 or so pages were not promising but once I got to the third chapter I was hooked.  The plot develops in a fairly predictable way and there aren’t many surprises.  But it’s a beautifully written story of two women from two different backgrounds and generations befriending each other and learning to love once again.  Plus I learned about Swedish culture and food and that was interesting in and of itself.

I kept saying to myself just one more chapter, just one more until at 1:12 am I was done.  I can’t help myself.  Tonight I’m going to bake and then knit until bedtime.  At least I stop when I start dropping the needles!


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