I checked out but apparently can’t leave

So it’s a week until Christmas.  I drastically reduced my Christmas knitting…as I do every year.  And I will be replacing it with Christmas sewing…as I do every year.  Sewing, while not nearly as impressive (or expensive) takes a lot LESS time.  And anything that takes less time a week before Christmas is my friend.

I baked 10 dozen cookies for my work cookie swap (and not at the last minute either which is shocking and completely unlike me) and am now suffering from the sugar crash that comes after “testing” one of each of the 10 dozen.  Yes they are all very good.

But I so don’t feel like working.  And haven’t for pretty much the whole month.  In conversations with co-workers we all seem to be in the same boat.  For those of us with no vacation left (sigh) we’re just putting in face time until we get (fingers crossed) dismissed early on Christmas Eve.  So far I’ve surfed Ravelry, messed about on Facebook, read my crafty blogs, read my foodie blogs, caught up on all my gossip sites (Lainey and CDAN you guys rock) and I am contemplating writing my Christmas cards after I finish this post.  I’m trying to figure out how I can knit at my desk and not get caught but my director is still here and I know he would NOT be amused if he saw me.  There’s a definite Bah Humbug vibe coming from his end of the hall.

How does that song go by the Eagles….you can checkout any time you want but you can never leave.  Man.  Sums up my office these days.  It’s not just the little kids that are counting the sleeps until Christmas.


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