It’s true, I can’t eat just one.

Am I the only one who thinks that eating a bag of potato chips (or if you have a sweet tooth insert sweet treat of choice) for dinner is a good idea when the DH isn’t home?  I can practically hear my arteries hardening as I type.

By the time I get 2/3 of the way through the bag I KNOW it’s a bad idea but I can’t seem to stop myself.  After all, 1/3 of a bag of chips is useful to no one.  It’s not even a good snack for the next day.

I gotta get a grip and stop a) being so lazy and b) bringing this stuff into the house.  And DH better stop making alternate dinner plans.  At this rate I’ll be wearing a muumuu to the wedding we have to go to at the end of next month.  Fortunately I still have to shovel two cubic yards of dirt though.


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