Looking for a diversion. Or 10.

You know how it is.  You have work to do at work, but aren’t that motivated to start/do/finish it, nothing interesting is going on on the gossip blogs, it’s a slow day on Ravelry and Facebook and the blogs you read haven’t been updated since you read them last.

Jeez, how exactly am I supposed to waste the last 45 minutes of my work day?

Well, here’s a diversion I found a while back on some blog I can’t remember the name of.  One diversion down, nine more to go.

What am I up to?  Well, today I seem to be waiting for the workday to end.  Knitting-wise my main project is an intarsia toddler vest.  Sewing-wise…..that seems to have ground to a halt.  Cooking-wise I really do have to use up those leeks in the fridge and the beets in the basement…I see a lot of soup in my future.

What am I eating?  Nothing at the moment but in a few hours I get to look forward to gourmet dinner of leftover pork roast and whatever vegetables I can scrounge up. 

What am I watching? BSG series finale all the way baby!  Tomorrow night that is.  Tonight I will knit that vest.

What am I reading? I am about to start Fearless Fourteen by Janet Evanovich.  Fun, mindless and entertaining.

What am I loving? The fact that I have a Saturday all to myself and I can spend it doing as I please.  I really need to clean up the yarn room.  Really.  But knowing me I will probably laze around in bed and read Fearless Fourteen.  Either way it’s all good.


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