Meanwhile back at the ranch….

it has been pretty boring times.  Let’s see, what’s happened that is worth writing about.  Well, last Thursday and Friday we got 19 new windows and a new side door.  The windows are awesome, the house is significantly warmer AND quieter (the old windows were 71 years old.  Really.) but the installers were not awesome.  I’ve been cleaning up since they left.  It’s called a broom people.  Learn how to use one.  Also not awesome was writing a huge cheque for the windows.  Sure it’s fun to write cheques that have lots of zeros in them but I’d prefer them to be in my name instead of the window company’s.  Sigh.

I’ve read a few books, done a little grocery shopping, knitted a few things, discovered I could easily be a hermit.  Same old same old at Casa Cleverly really.  I know you’re jealous since I clearly know how to live it up.  We can’t all lead the glamorous life.


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