New year, new resolutions, new excuses

I don’t generally make New Year’s resolutions.  Mostly because I am lazy and know that within days…ok minutes really, they will be broken.  Case in point…I need to eat better but I can’t give up potato chips.  To sort of quote that famous movie line…”Hostess, I can’t quit you.”  Plus I have gall stones.  Which means a few minutes of bliss followed by several hours of pain.  Despite knowing this, I still eat the chips.  Kinda sick really.

Also I should point out that I do not care for New Year’s.  I never have.  I think it’s stressful, over hyped, over rated, ridiculously expensive and if I wanted to ring in 2009 with 1000 of my closest friends, well, I’d have to start by having 1000 close friends but you can see where I’m going with this.  New Year’s is a pain in the arse and I’d rather spend it curled up with the cat, some snacks, a good book and possibly the DH if he stops whining about how I’m “no fun” because I don’t like going out on Dec 31 of any year.

What I would like to see resolved however would be this craziness in the Middle East.  DH and I both know people overseas and we hope they come home safely and in one piece.  It’s a contentious issue and whatever side you take is your business but the loss of life is appalling and I’m hoping that some resolution, or progress towards that at least, can be made in 2009.

I also hope that the global economies get their acts together sooner rather than later.  People losing their jobs, cars, homes and everything else is just plain wrong.  I hope Barak Obama and all the other world leaders can make some headway on this and soon.  On a selfish note I also want to spend with abandon (and no guilt) so let’s get cracking here stimulus packages….mama wants to buy stuff.  Which in retrospect is probably how we all got into this mess but I’m tired of feeling guilty when I replace the icky white hand towels and splurge on “fancy” cheese.  I cannot be expected to eat boring cheddar all the time people. Sometimes I just want to mix it up with gruyere.  

On a self-absorbed note (well, ok I admit this whole post…ok blog is pretty self absorbed) I’d also like to have my house unpacked at some point in 2009.  We were almost there a few weeks ago and then Christmas happened and the renos started.  Ugh ugh and ugh is all I can say.  Can’t wait for the drywall dust to start either.  Everything looks better with a thin coating of white dust on it doncha know…including the black cat.  Aiiiiieeee I don’t want to think about how much time I will spend dusting. 

I’d also like DH’s cousin to decide on a wedding date.  Now.  I need to know where my vacation days will be spent in 2009.  I don’t want to go to where the wedding is (oh I cannot even begin to describe how painful that will be) but I can’t not go either (although I can minimize my time spent in the country to some degree but it will still be WAY TOO  MUCH TIME for my liking).  To ease the pain of it, DH has promised a week or two in another country afterwards.  While I’d love to go to either of the countries he has picked, I hear South Africa’s siren song louder than ever.  Too far, too expensive and not enough vacation to do it properly but when have I ever let that stop me.  Oh right, now I have a maxxed out line of credit thanks to the Money Pit investment property stimulus package new house.  I don’t think I’ll be seeing the Big Five anytime soon sadly.  Growing up bites hard I have to say.

But enough about my self absorption.  I wish for you success in your new year’s resolutions, health, happiness and lots of whatever it is that you enjoy most.  For me that means (in no particular order) potato chips, knitting, reading, sleeping, cooking, generally being crafty and spending time with those who are important to me.

Happy 2009.


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