Now that it’s fall summer decided to show up

Every Labour Day weekend I have a tradition.  I change over my summer clothes and shoes to my winter clothes and shoes.  Obviously I don’t expect to be wearing wool turtlenecks effective Sept 1 so I leave a few summer clothes out, but I’m sure you get the idea.  Also I have a lot of clothes and shoes so some years it really does take the whole weekend.

And summer in Southern Ontario this year was non-existent.  It rained nearly, if not, every day.  Until this week.  Where it is now in the 30s. Every day.  And I am roasting.   Rotten summer.  Late to the party.  How annoying!

But on a happier note, Labour Day also heralds in a desire (in me anyway) to get some work done.  Usually craft-related work as I’m not very house proud.  I have a long list of projects to do before Christmas.  Some are small (three more pairs of mittens anyone?) and some are large (three men’s sweaters…ok only one in size large thankfully) a few socks and some blankets and some aren’t even knitted but the prevailing theme is that most aren’t for me.  When will I ever learn?  I swear that 2009 will be all about me.  Me me me and more me.  Which I will get to as soon as I finish 2009’s presents for everyone else of course.


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