Sheep and llamas and goats…oh my!

On Sunday DH and I took two of the three Golden Children to the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto.  It used to be advertised as “when country comes to the city” but I don’t know if it’s still marketed that way.  I do know that I haven’t been since I was at least 4 years old and since I haven’t been ANYWHERE this year that has made me squee over animals a trip to the “Royal” was in order.

After what felt like international peace treaty negotiations with my sister in order to determine DH’s and my fitness to chaperone a five year old and a two year old as well as logisitical planning that would make a Fortune 500 company blush, we were on our way.

It was an unqualified success.  The IAMS Superdogs were not quite as big a hit as I thought they would be….when will the show staaaaaarrrrrt ?  And let’s face it, after you’ve seen two dogs run the obstacle course and three dogs jump over some bars you don’t need to see the rest of the 247 Superdogs do it.  Especially if you are 5 years old and want to pet some goats, have some snacks and sit on Santa’s lap.  Not necessarily in that order either.


Since we all did so well, our next excursion will be the Butterfly Conservatory in Niagara Falls.  But not until January.  I’ll need that long to recover!

Itchy and Scratchy Update: I’m halfway done the back if I choose to do set in sleeves.  Which means some shaping and lots of sleeve knitting.  If I choose to do drop sleeves I have LOTS of back knitting to go but hardly any shaping or sleeves. Thoughts? Opinons?


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