Six words…I have too much to do!

You think I’d learn by now.  Afterall, it happens every year.  I have high hopes for Christmas.  In June I start planning out what I’ll knit.  I browse through patterns, I buy the yarn, I wind the yarn, I cast on a project, I get bored or mesmerized by a new yarn/project. I put the yarn/project away, I forget about the yarn/project.  Then in November I panic and take the yarn/project out.  And I panic and knit feverishly.  Until at some point in December I throw my hands up in the air, concede defeat and put it all away until next year.  Repeat process.


Top ten things I’m working on this week.  Yeah you read right…10 things people.  I am crazy.

1. Brown dress (sewing) for DH’s possibly-knocked-up cousin’s wedding on Sunday.  No I have not cut it out but I have prewashed the fabric.  And I found the pattern last night so it’s all good.  Besides, it’s only Wednesday.  This really does have a drop dead date so either I finish it or go naked.  The second option is not pretty.  Besides, the fabric cost me $8.  That’s it.  Eight whopping dollars.  You can’t buy a dress ANYWHERE for $8.  Notice I don’t include my time costs in that figure.  Then it would be cheaper to buy a dress at the mall.

2. The Gold portion of my Back Tack swap partner Naomi.  Naomi lives in Australia and she’ll be getting a pretty good package.  If I ever get my act together.  Australia is far and I also have a drop dead by date for this.  I don’t want to be banned from future swaps.

3. Something else for the Gold portion for Naomi that should be a quick knit.  I think it’s pretty.  She’ll decide if it’s pretty in a few weeks.  It’s not gold though.  Ha!

4. One more thing for Naomi that does not require knitting (thankfully) that I can’t also discuss right now.  Let’s just say though that I now have sparkles EVERYWHERE in my house.  DH is not so happy with having sparkly underwear.  I however think it’s hilarious.

5. One blind.  Yeah just one.  I have to make five but I figure a one-a-week deadline goal will be sufficiently motivating.  Let’s leave the second floor curtains for 2009 ok.

6. A Christmas themed apron.  It’s for the Sassy Apron Swap.  I have a good handle on this one (for once) and it will be my standard apron.  Which I love.  Mostly because it’s easy but looks good. 

7. PJ’s for Allie and Rachael.  Hey, they are small so they shouldn’t take long right? 

8. Baby stuff.  Why is everyone giving birth in January and February?????

9. Mittens.  It’s the orange mittens turn this week.

10. Itchy and Scratchy.  How could I leave off itchy?  Update – the back is coming along nicely.  I’m leaning towards no shaping and drop sleeves.

So….looks like I’ll be sewing a lot.  Grumble.  And not sleeping.  And maybe taking a “mental health” day at some point.  Which I can justify because after all, I must be crazy if I think I can do all of this stuff in one week.


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