The truth is overrated

Today I learned a frustrating lesson.  People lie.  Not the social lies you tell like “I’m fine, how are you?” when in reality what you want to say “my ass is huge, I have a giant zit on my forehead, my job bites, the electrician won’t call us back, I can’t get a hair appointment before April and my husband/kids/pets/mother/insert-irritation-of-choice-here is driving me crazy THAT’s how I am”.  

Nor am I talking about the white lies you tell such as “no honey this yarn really is old, it was just in another crate which is why you haven’t seen it before” instead of saying “yes I went on a yarn-buying frenzy last week even though my stash already has its own postal code it’s so big but you/your mom/my job/the pets/the kids/insert-irritation-of-choice-here pissed me off and buying yarn made me feel better/more human/less like ramming a DPN though your/her/its/their eye.”

This was a big lie.  And it was under oath.  And sadly, while this lie may have prevented the teller from getting in trouble because he wasn’t doing his job properly this lie cost me a vacation day, $110 and three points.  

The vacation day stings the most since I take my very limited vacation time very seriously and don’t enjoy wasting it on days in court.  The $110 is kind of annoying but I can deal with that too.  It means making a few small sacrifices like not buying new sandals for next week’s vacation.  Or  not ordering that new sock yarn I had my eye on.  Or even perhaps having few more meatless dinners than DH would like for the rest of the month.  But in the grand scheme of things it’s only money and it’s not a whole heck of a lot of money either.  As for the points, well, they’ll be added back in nine months and my insurance company (so far anyway) could care less about me losing them.  

But the question remains officer, just whose interests are you serving and protecting?  Apparently not the public’s.


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