They came, they saw, they ate 7lbs of pork roast

So we had a gathering of DH’s clan on Saturday.  His parents, his maternal uncle and his wife and his other maternal uncle who is visiting from Europe.  The first thing you have to realize is that we are not house proud.  The second thing you have to realize is that we moved in July.  And while it is November, we are also very lazy and thus not fully unpacked.  However, the most important thing you have to realize is that I would have rather had my eyes poked out with spoons than “prepare for inspection”.  But needs must as the saying goes. 

So, the DH spent the bulk of the day cleaning.  He did a great job.  I also cleaned but spent the bulk of the day cooking…pork roast, potatoes, roasted vegetables, bread and chocolate butter cake (with chocolate buttercream icing) from my new favourite cake book Cakelove.  I did a great job.  My MIL, who must not under any circumstances be shown up in the kitchen (she’s a legendary cook in her own mind) was complimentary.  I was exhausted.  Seven people, a dozen eggs, a pound of butter, a container of cream, 17 potatoes, a head of garlic, a whole celery, five apples, four onions, two quarts of raspberries, a loaf of homemade bread, 1.5 L of wine, a 900g bag of carrots and 7 lbs of pork loin.  It was a good meal. 

The company left after three hours.  DH fell asleep and I finished a blanket that has been hanging over my head for months while waiting for the cat to come home and as Murphy’s Law will have it was hiding out in the linen cupboard (smart cat) which meant I stayed up late for no particular reason.  Anyway the queue has now been cleared many other things.

This week’s project…oh you know it….Itchy and Scratchy.  Payback is a bitch.


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