For the past several years I have been wearing many styles of  these.  I’d pick up a few here and there and over the years amassed maybe 60 or so pairs. They don’t quite live up to their no VPL promise but they are damn comfortable, come in all kinds of pretty colours and dry quickly…which is a huge bonus when traveling to offbeat destinations where laundromats are hard to come by.

I am a creature of habit and don’t like a lot of change in my personal life.  But as with any good thing, the end sadly is in sight.  The elastic is wearing out, the colours are fading and I find myself throwing out a pair or two a week.

I just read though, that there is a direct correlation between the state of the economy and the state of unmentionables.  When times are good, underwear sales are high.  When times are not so good, people suck it up and walk around with icky, worn out gitch.

Which means that since some economists now think we’ve hit bottom, I can shop my heart out for replacements without feeling guilty for spending money on frivolous things.  I’m just doing my part to help the economic tide turn and bring us back to better days.


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