Wanted, my ankles.

A few years ago, when I travelled to hot places on a regular basis I would get a heat rash on my legs, from about my ankle to mid calf.  It was kind of ugly and itched when I thought about it but it went away a few days after getting to my final destination.  Upon occasion I would also get a minor heat rash on my arms.  I’m very fair skinned so it was pretty noticible, although it dindn’t bother me all that much.  Aside from being kind of itchy.

Lately however, my body has decided to find new and different ways to torment me.  Back in February when DH and I were in the Caymans (visiting his relatives  NOT laundering money…unfortunately) my hands, feet and ankles started to swell.  A lot.  Even DH had issues with his wedding ring and he doesn’t normally swell.  I attributed it to going from cold to hot and upon landing back in Winter, everything went back to normal.  I even asked my doctor when I saw her a month or so later.  She said it was nothing to worry about, just a weird fact of getting older.

So I pay it no mind until I woke up yesterday with my wedding rings cutting off the circulation in my left hand and my ankles swollen up like balloons.  Funnily enough my toes are ok and my feet fit into all my shoes.  But my ankles!  Oh my poor ankles.  They look like they belong to a woman who’s 9 months pregnant.  I’m drinking water like crazy, avoiding salt (oh that’s so hard) and trying to elevate them whenever possible.  Nothing is helping.  Well, not my ankles anyway.  My fingers seem to be going back to normal so maybe swelling starts to receed from the top down?

Anyway, if you see them, a decent pair of non-swollen ankles, gadding about town and having a good time, tell them get the hell back on my legs as I’m tired of looking stumpy.  Not to mention, if this really hot weather keeps up I’m going to have to seriously reconsider my summer wardrobe.  My legs aren’t the greatest but at least my ankles provided some definition.  Is it wrong that I want winter back and we haven’t even had summer?


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