What’s been running through my mind this week

Vacation posts to come later.  For now, here, in no particular order, is what I’ve been thinking about this week.

  • Why is it that when I’m at work I’m exhausted but then at home, around 10pm, I suddenly have more energy than the Energizer Bunny?
  • How on earth am I going to function in any capacity once the DH starts spending four days a week on-site where the site is three hours away?  The Monsters-under-the-stairs will keep me up all night.
  • Two week vacation weight loss completely annihilated in three days.  One word….Doritos.
  • Looks like DH and I are going to have to go the medically assisted route for children.  I am so not happy about this.
  • Is it at all possible to only have Thanksgiving Dinner at my parents’ house and not the outlaws this year?
  • It really was pretty cool to be taken for a local in Iceland.
  • RIP Wray.
  • It’s not good when my fat pants are getting tight.  F’ing hormonal water retention.  And speaking of water retention why start now at the advanced age of 37?
  • Please, please, please, PLEASE co-worker’s wife get a full time job ASAP.  Your five+ calls a day to work are very annoying.
  • DH hasn’t even left for the on-site and I am already stressed out about it and miss him.
  • Are we really thinking about buying a cottage?  Really?
  • I hate all my summer clothes and shoes but it’s too early to take out my winter stuff.
  • Doritos for dinner is not a good thing.  Well, it is, but not from an optimal health perspective.
  • I really have to get my fat ass down to the pool.  The camera doesn’t lie.
  • Christmas will be here in just over three months.  I am not ready.
  • None of my yarn excites me.
  • I really need a house keeper.
  • Is it wrong that I am hoping for a strike so that I can have  time off to sleep in and organize The Money Pit?  Of course that would seriously impact my finances and I’m pretty sure VISA will take the cat.
  • Do I really want to stay at my job past April?  Do I really want to look for a new one?
  • I am addicted to Zuma?  I could play that game for hours.
  • I have not vacuumed my house in over a month.  I live in a pig stye.
  • I am considering tossing a bunch of DH’s crap while he is on-site.  I would kill him if he did it to me.  He probably won’t even notice it’s gone though.
  • I don’t “get” arty films.
  • I am pretty sure I was obnoxious as an undergrad but I couldn’t have been as obnoxious as the window lickers who live in my neighbourhood.  Back to university is NOT the most wonderful time of year.  However, if they keep up this ridiculous behaviour there will be a lot of Christmas grads and more importantly, empty houses.
  • My tomatoes have blight.

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