What’s that whooshing sound?

Oh yeah, that’d be time flying by.  I can’t believe it’s February already.  February 5th to be exact.  January flew by.  And I wasn’t even that busy.  Well, not that busy outside the house that is.

In fact you know, I don’t even remember much of January.  It was cold.  Really, really, really freaking cold.  And it seemed as though it snowed every day.  Despite it being really, really cold.  The days are getting longer though and it’s nice to come home after work while it’s still daylight.  And I look longingly at my backyard and try to figure out where I can plant vegetables.  Despite the three feet of snow.  I thought it was supposed to be a better winter than last year Environment Canada?  Last time I trust your meteorologists…or however you spell that word.

I am hovering over my basil pot, which I seeded last month and it is FINALLY starting to sprout…five plants so far but we’ll see how much pesto that gives me.  I do not have a way with basil.

My youngest niece turned one last month…which is nutty.  A whole year has gone by since she was born.  And I’d best get knitting the last of those baby clothes since the baby train has left my sister’s house…for good she claims.

I also knit up a few things which was surprising.   What is not surprising is that none of them were for me, although I do have a hat halfway done that is earmarked for yours truly.   I tend to forget about all the stuff I make as soon as I give it away and I’m amazed at my output when I finally do put it all up on Ravelry.  I knit down the stash…but also added to it faster than I knit from it.  Which is always the way with me.  I am getting better at holding back from making rash internet yarn purchases though.  Sometimes you can teach an old dog new tricks.

And the DH and I are talking about additions…to the house NOT the family so don’t get too excited.  Although why we need a bigger house is beyond me but perhaps the day will come.  I wouldn’t be holding your breath or anything but maybe one day. 

I did not join a gym in January.  I did not start any weird diets either.  I did have good intentions but eh, sometimes it’s just nicer to knit or read than do crunches and push ups.  Ok, who am I kidding, it’s ALWAYS nicer to knit or read than do crunches and push ups.

I read a lot too.  Which was really really nice.  I forgot how good it is to lose yourself in a book and even be a little sad when it ends.

And now February is upon us.  Almost a full week has gone by.  I’ve made a baby gift, got the yarn for another one (is it just me or is everyone and their sister pregnant right now???) and I have to get started on all those blinds and curtains I bought fabric for last year.  We’re off on vacation in two weeks and I’m pretty sure the house sitter doesn’t want to flash the neighbours every day.  Or maybe he does, he’s the DH’s family not mine so anything is possible.

28 days…five days gone.  I wonder what I will get accomplished.  I love the feeling of crossing things off my to do list.


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