Why put off tomorrow what you can put off for several days?

I have been going on trips my whole life.  Some were bigger than others to be sure and some required months of planning.  You would think by now though, that I would have learned.  DO NOT MAKE PLANS THE WEEK BEFORE I GO AWAY. 

Yes the nieces are adorable but babysitting them while they suffer from a viral infection two days before flying out really is tempting fate.  And speaking of tempting fate, we might need to get to the airport earlier than two hours ahead if we want to sit next to each other on the plane ride down.  I love you my darling DH but Air Canada will not seat you together unless you ask.  Making assumptions makes an ass of you and me you know.  Yes I agree with you that there are very few people who are meaner than me , but the ones who are  ALL work for Air Canada.  It’s legislated.

It might also be a good idea to get to bed before 2am the week before I leave too.  And really, the majority of the house hasn’t had curtains since we moved in last July so another week or so probably won’t make a difference.  Stop slaving over the sewing machine when I should be packing.  Or better yet sleeping.

Also, it’s pretty much impossible for me to lose 20 lbs in a month let alone three days before I fly to the Caribbean so I’m not sure whyI’m even considering buying shorts in February since I’ve long known none from last summer will fit.  I did however buy a bathing suit.  I have yet to try it on though.  Lycra is my friend. 

At the time, back when we were organizing the crawl space it DID make sense to stick my summer clothes right at the back in the corner.  And yes, I’ve had at least a month to take them out.  Why be organized?  Oh, a suitcase?  Yes, I’m sure we have several.  I’m also sure they are in that big pile of crap in front of the furnace in the basment that is virtually impossible to get at due to the stalled renovation.  Either that or stuck in yet another inaccessible area of the crawl space.

It’s probably not a good idea to allocate 3/4 of the suitcase to yarn either.  As with food, where my eyes are bigger than my stomach, so it goes with taking knitting projects on vacation.  It is highly unlikely that I will make two baby sweaters, a blanket, a pair of socks and an alligator scarf over the next week despite the fact that the flight is four hours long,  we’ll spend a significant amount of time at the airport and there is next to nothing to do on the island.  Yarn and sand and ocean and sunscreen DO NOT mix.  Plus there is something called a book.  Remember how nice it is to lose yourself in a well-written story?

And let’s not forget to apply the lead, I mean sunscreen.  I know it’s sticky and gross and stings when it gets in my eyes and washes off instantly if I even think about going near the ocean.  However, I am transparent and even SPF 50 will not prevent me from burning.  Hats are key too.  Yes the sun will lighten my hair but it will also give me sunstroke.  Really, who wants to spend the week throwing up, especially if tequila shots are not involved?

I did however buy a brand spanking new pair of FitFlops yesterday.  Anything that will tone my ass without causing me to sweat  is well worth the money.  And I painted my toes.  Two down and 42,000 more things to do before Saturday morning.


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