You all know DH is working on-site for the next year or so.  Maybe longer (although God I hope not).  Anyway, DH is very lucky in that his company pays him a very nice per diem which probably works out to more than my post-tax income. 

So, DH is living in a ratty dorm-type residence and not liking it all that much.  I am living in Casa Not Clean with only the cat for company most of the week and not liking it all that much either.  But before DH left for the on-site, one of my coworkers suggested we look into buying property up there.  The on-site is in one of my province’s cottage country regions (sadly not Muskoka…although we wouldn’t have been able to afford buying a boat house up there let alone a real house) so we tossed around the idea of buying a winterized cottage and having DH live there while he’s working on-site and possibly renting it out to another of his co-workers to give him some company and offset some bills.

Last week the deal was finalized.  We are now the pround owners of a three bedroom-yet-to-be-seen-by-me-winterized-yet-to-be-finished-basement-craptastically-furnished-close-to-but-not-on-the-lake cottage.  We may rent it out on (long) weekends.  We hope to rent it out during the summer at some point to recoup some of our investment as well.  But for now, all we want to do is pay off our mortgages (so weird to have more than one) and dump all the craptastic furniture currently residing in Casa Not Clean’s basement at the cottage.

At. The. Cottage.  Never thought I’d say those words.  Never thought I’d own one either.


One Response to Slumlords

  1. Susan says:

    Have you at least seen photos? That’s a scary thought–letting my DH buy a cottage on his own. You must be one brave woman. I hope you love it.

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