Executive Decisions

In October I had big plans for Christmas.  I’d knit and bake and decorate.  Maybe even throw in some sewing.  I drew up lists and schedules.  I was going to be awesome.

Until life and apathy and crappy yarn and weird patterns and a general case of I-don’t-give-a-rat’s-ass-about-any-of-this happened.  Not to mention several migraines and the onset of carpal tunnel syndrome caused by using the aforementioned craptastic yarn (Phentex worsted…worst yarn EVER).

So, I’ve made a few executive decisions.  DH is not getting anything beyond the iPhone (and accessories) I bought him (and he’s been using) in October.  Well, he’ll get Dogs Playing Poker poster for the cottage as he’s been whinging about it f0r years and since he’ll be spending much of his time there and I’ll be spending not much of my time there it’s win-win. 

His cousins are all getting cowls.  That’s it.  They’re done.  I had fun magnets to attach to their presents but I put them in a safe place and now can’t find that safe place.  Oh well, they’ll keep until next year.

His parents are getting sweaters.  Itchy is nearly done (working on it sucks my soul) and his mom’s is finished.  His aunt and uncle are getting knitted slippers and felted clogs respectively.  Easy and pretty fast.  Or they would be if I didn’t run out of yarn midway.  Because making a trip to Michael’s three days before Christmas is ALWAYS fun.  I should also know better than to shop my stash.  Sure being frugal is good but so is having enough yarn for the project on the needles.

My parents are going away in March and my sister and I decided that because they have everything they could possibly need and then some, we’d get them an onboard credit for their cruise.  Awesome!  It will fit, it will make them happy, it will not clutter up their house and it’s 100% green. 

I don’t exchange gifts with my sister any more.  As we are both adults and have houseloads of crap I now buy gifts for my nieces and they (via my sister) buys gifts for me and DH.  And when I say I buy gifts for the Golden Children I mean that my sister buys them and I pay her and wrap them.  Sometimes if I’m lucky she wraps them…I was not lucky this year.  And when I say she buys gifts for DH and me what I mean is that I tell her what store I want a  gift card from. 

I still have a hat to knit, a pair of French Press slippers that I may or may not get to, a small manta ray toy and probably something else I am forgetting.

Oh yeah, two cherry pound cakes and a fancy dancy cake to take to the outlaw Christmas on Christmas Day.  The cherry pound cake is for my dad so I can’t put that off but the fancy dancy cake….I think that one might have to wait until next year. 

And speaking of next year I think I will either try making a gift every month to avoid the pre-Christmas knitting stress or forgo gift knitting altogether.  And while I always say the latter I never follow through.  I like making stuff for people I just need better time management skills.  Or the ability to live on no sleep.  It’s overrated anyway.


2 Responses to Executive Decisions

  1. cake room says:

    beatifull article i like that..thank for share

  2. Susan says:

    Dang! Sorry about the migraines and carpal tunnel. Cousin-knitting will do it every time. I’m glad Itchy is almost finished. Can’t wait to see you knit something for YOU.

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