Last night as I was ripping back a slipper for the third time, I had a light bulb moment.  People generally don’t know what they are getting for Christmas.  And if that statement is true, I can relax, stop knitting my thumbs into spasms of pain, get some sleep and hold off on handmade gifts this year.  So I overruled my executive decision.  I put down the needles and went to bed.  At a decent-for-me time.

It’s not like I’m totally Scrooging out.  There are other gifts to give on December 25th…..Mama Mia tickets, gift cards (lots and lots of those), toys, baked goods, the list goes on.  While it’s nice to get something handmade, it’s not happening at Casa Not So Clean.  Not this year anyway.  Well, ok, I will finish the hat I started prior to the lightbulb moment.  But that’s it.  Really and truly that’s it. 

On the bright side though, I’m two gifts ahead for Christmas 2010.


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