Year of the Frog

January 15, 2010

Ok, it’s actually the Chinese Year of the Tiger (oh the jokes that’s going generate) but in my world it’s the Year of the Frog.  In the past I rarely rip back.  I’m nearly always happy with what I make.  Most of the time I fix mistakes and it’s not very frequently that I deviate from the pattern.  Gauge is never an issue (knock wood) and stuff usually fits. 

Clearly 2010 will be different. 

So far I have thought I was smarter than Kate Flagg because really,  what did she know about Feather and Fan and  just because she wrote Multnomah (Rav link) I’m sure I’m smart enough to make mods to her pattern?  Well, turns out she’s a lot smarter than me since my modifications turned the shawl into something that might (and that’s a loaded might….it was pretty messed up) fit a person who was lacking shoulders and I had to rip it out completely two days ago.  For the record I don’t know jack about feather and fan.  Ribbit.

Prior to the Multnomah debacle I was knitting  Thuja.  I’m not much of a sock knitter but Claudia has done the impossible and herded cats in the Smartass Yarn Ho group (does it suprise you I’m an active member of this one?) on Ravelry and started a sock KAL.  January’s pattern is Thuja and despite the fact that socks aren’t my thing, I threw caution to the wind and joined up.  I do have a sizeable trunk (yes trunk) of sock yarn that I really do need to start using. 

So I cast on and knit like the wind.  I tinked my mistakes and turned the heel (it’s magic people!) and was halfway through the foot when I realized that oh, maybe I should try this bad boy on for size.  And of course it didn’t fit.  I couldn’t get it over my high arch (thanks mom!) and the cast on was a little tight.  Ribbit ribbit.  So much for technical perfection.

But I prevailed and cast on again using a size bigger DPN (I’ll get to that two socks on one circ eventually) and it’s going well.  I know it fits too since I tried it on.  I’m using Dream in Colour Classy in Cloud Jungle and I like that it’s a colourway that is just slightly out of my comfort zone.  It’s got a little pink, a little brown and a little mauve in it but it’s mostly green and it’s all pretty.  It was a gift from a swap and while I would probably not have chosen it, I love it nonetheless and have been waiting for something good to make with it.  I think socks for myself fit that bill.

Maybe I’ll finish the first sock tonight.  I’m going to cheer on the Sketchy Warriors as they begin the epic Sock Wars battle.  I’m not fast enough (nor competitive enough to be honest) to play but I’m happy to cheer them on and knit socks in solidarity.