I have a plan

Ok so the first day of my temporary retirement went really well.  As suspected I stayed up waaaaaay too late and thus slept in.  But it was nice to wake up when my body wanted to wake up and not when the alarm clock told me I should.  I have always suspected I need between 8-9 hours of sleep.  I guess I’ll find out for sure now.

It was also really nice to wake up happy.  Which is why I know this whole temporary retirement thing is good.  I have woken up unhappy for months and when my first thought is “can I call in sick today?”  you know there is something wrong.  Today my first thought was “wow, I can do whatever I want today”.  Which turned out to be drinking coffee, knitting and running errands.  But whatever.  I did them when I wanted to.  Which was nice.

Another nice thing that happened today was that the cookie fairy visited.  Really.  I went out to check for mail and saw that the really nice people at Voortman’s had dropped off  a regular size box of strawberry turnovers on my porch.  And a $2 off coupon.  And let me tell you, those are some good cookies!  How can you have a bad day when you get free cookies?

But I digress.  I have a plan for being unemployed.  I plan to slack off this week.  Next week I’ll get down to business and email the people I need to email and clean the house and sew the blinds and slip covers and look for a job.  But this week is all about me.  And detoxing from the job.  And eating those free cookies.


One Response to I have a plan

  1. Sandi(Evilknittingtwin) says:

    I would enjoy it as long as you possible can. I like waking up when my body says it’s time…….I HATE alarm clocks, if more of the world worked this way it would be a MUCH happier place……but that’s just my opinion………:)

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