No more pretending

This is  not a request for help or advice.  It’s just a vent.  I know what to do and have to get my lazy butt into gear.  Which really, is sort of the root cause of all of this.

So I have to go somewhere on Tuesday.  And I have to look nice.  Yesterday I went through my closet to see what “nice” clothes fit me.  The answer was none.  I  have hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars of nice clothes in my closets (yes I  have a few throughout the house I use) and not one of them fit me.  Well, that’s not entirely true.  Some jackets fit but I can’t do them up, some skirts fit but the waist pinches when I sit and some pants I can still cram my fat ass into but don’t they look so hot on.

Which is kind of depressing.  Because weight gain sneaks up on you.  Or me anyway.  I knew it was happening but I pretended it wasn’t.  Oh, women’s clothing sizes aren’t standard. Or clothes made in India/China/Malaysia are cut small.  Or cheap clothes are skimpy.

Yes, there is truth to all of those statements.  But what is also true is that comfort eating for three years and doing little to no exercise will result in 55 pounds of fat that makes all those pretty (and expensive) clothes useless.

Yesterday I spent a lot of time trying on bigger sizes than I wanted to wear.  Sizes  swore I’d never wear.  And that fact, along with the price tags of those clothes made me hang everything back up and walk out of the stores.  I did end up buying a dress that will look ok (as long as I squeeze into the foundation garments and support hose) and have borrowed a jacket from my mom.  I’ll add some hot heels (at least all my shoes still fit!) and good jewelry and I’ll look nice.   I will even do my hair.

And afterwards, when I get home, I will march down to the community centre down the street from me and get myself a membership.  Since I am temporarily retired I no longer have excuses for not working out.  Maybe along with shedding the job that didn’t fit I can shed the extra weight that went along with it.


2 Responses to No more pretending

  1. kara says:

    I see a lot of walking and talking in our future!!

  2. JelliDonut says:

    You wrote my own story. It might not help to know you aren’t alone, but I thought I’d tell you anyway. Hang in there.

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