Well, that didn’t take long

Three weeks ago yesterday I was laid off from the local university.  Since I do a very specialized job, and jobs like my old one aren’t easy to find in my city and I’m not prepared to commute for hours to get to the city where jobs are fairly plentiful, I figured it would be a long time before I was working again.  I had big plans to clean and knit and bake and exercise and catch up with friends.

Yesterday I was offered a job at a semi-local college.

As much as I loved my three weeks off, and as much as I’d love three more months off, I really do need a steady paycheque.  We have bills to pay and I have a yarn habit to feed.  So I accepted.  My life as a lady-of-leisure ends on April 5.  I’m a little sad, but it’s amazing how a little online yarn shopping has helped to alleviate that sadness.


3 Responses to Well, that didn’t take long

  1. Eva McDonald says:

    Would that “semi-local college” be a community college? If so, we’re on the same team now. Congratulations!

  2. Sandi(Evilknittingtwin) says:

    Happy for you and hopfully you will be happier there, unlike the last job.

    Knitting ALWAYS trumps cleaning in my books!
    Enjoy your last few days off!!!!

  3. JelliDonut says:

    I’m laughing but I’m happy for you. Looks like this happened just in time–that cleaning thing can get dangerous. Shop on!

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