Doors Open. Doors Close.

Such is life I suppose.  I was offered (and accepted) a job last Monday and that same day DH was finished on his section of the project.  Well, technically he finishes on Thursday as this is a short week, but nonetheless he’s done.  Not done DONE as in unemployed, just done as in coming back home and working regular hours.

Which, after six months of living away during the week, will be weird.  Initially I hated being left alone all week.  I was scared of the creaky noises this house made and didn’t like coming home to an empty, dark house ever.

But slowly, over the past few months, that changed.  I left the radio on all day (so there was always some noise when I came home) and I stopped being an energy Nazi and left some lamps on on every floor.  I started leaving the house after work…shopping, visiting, knit night.  I got used to eating at 10pm.  And I got used to eating whatever I wanted for dinner (mostly healthy Wendi, don’t you worry).  I slept sprawled out on the bed during the week and stayed up way too late reading and knitting.  I could talk on the phone as much as I liked and never had to share the computer.  But far and away best of all, the every-other-week-dinners at the outlaws ended.  No more craptastic meals and passive-aggressive dinner conversation.  There are not enough words to describe how great that aspect of the past six months has been.

But, you get what you get and I got freedom from the outlaws for six months and living as I pleased.  I also got a cranky, miserable, only-home-on-weekends DH too so it wasn’t all roses and unicorns and balloons.  But Fate is cruel and I know dinners will start up again.  I haven’t brought it up with DH but his mother knows he’ll be home again.  I’m sure it will be mentioned this weekend at Easter dinner.  And after six months of outlaw-free living I don’t have much of a leg to stand on when it comes to saying no to seeing them.   Marriage is all about for better or for worse and this is a for worse part.

Anyway, DH finds out what his new project is next Monday.  Is it evil of me to hope that he’s temporarily shipped off to Pittsburgh?  Or Montreal?  Those are drivable distances for long weekends reunions.  And they are outlaw-free cities.


One Response to Doors Open. Doors Close.

  1. JelliDonut says:

    We should get rid of stress any way we can. Or I should say, you should. I suck at it, because I’m a stress magnet. I hope things turn out the way you want.

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