Hi there, remember me?

I can’t believe I didn’t post once in April.  Well, actually yes I can.  The new job, or rather the new commute, is kicking my ass and it’s all Ican do to stay away past 10pm.  Which is a bit weird for me as I’m usually just getting going right about that time of “day”.

My new job is going well though.  I like the people and the work and the office environment (Windows!  Sunlight is your friend!).  I even like the commute.  I enjoy driving the back roads through the farms and forests and seeing the geese and birds and cows and horses although I have yet to see deer.  I only wish I could knit at the same time although I suspect the OPP frown on that….something about paying attention while driving.  Wusses.

I really like that my new office is situated in the middle of a forest and I’m surrounded by lilac and magnolia trees and flowers and green stuff.  After working in the scary downtown of my city I cannot tell you how nice it is to be able to go for a walk at lunch and not fear for my life.

I just wish I didn’t work so far from where I lived.  Granted it’s 50 km, give or take (that’s about 31 miles for any US readers), but it’s 50 km through rural roads.  With a speed limit of 60 km  to 80 km (about 40 to 60 miles) it’s not nearly as quick as the 400 series highways (which are faster but way more stressful) and the view is prettier.   I really do have to remember to bring my camera along one of these days.  And let’s face it, speed limits are really just guidelines anyway.  Still, getting stuck at lights or behind some dumbass local resident driving at the speed limit is frustrating and I spend more time behind the wheel than I’d like not matter which route I take.  Which is pretty fatiguing and by Friday I am just knackered. 

Not to mention rushed because that extra 45 mins a day driving really cuts into my errand running and free time.  Thank God Fortinos recently extended their hours because once dinner is cooked and eaten and I’ve cleaned up it’s pretty late.  I honestly don’t know how women with children do it because if I had to look after anyone other than me, DH and the cat (who are both fairly self sufficient really)  I’d probably have a meltdown and end up sitting in a corner, sobbing and eating my own hair. 

I’m also spending more money on gas than I’d like, which isn’t as bad as it will be once the May 2-4 weekend comes and oil companies decide to gouge us in the name of “summer driving” supply and demand.  Uh huh.  It’s gonna hurt.

But overall things are good.  It’s nice to be respected (they think I’m an awesome researcher) and enjoy work.  It’s also nice to wake up and not feel the need to wonder if I can call in sick.  I haven’t felt that way for a long long time.  Definitely makes up for the extra long drive to the office.  Now if only I could do something about knitting on that drive…..


3 Responses to Hi there, remember me?

  1. may says:

    great to hear that your new job is going well. what ‘position’ are you working in now?

  2. ckartist says:

    Glad the new job is working out well. You sound really good overall. I hate to remind you that gas costs will soar again with the addition of the HST in July. Gotta love our government(s)!

  3. Susan says:

    Glad to see you back and glad things are going well work-wise. If you can figure out that knitting while driving thing, let me know. I spend WAY too much time driving and not nearly enough time knitting. And yeah, sitting in the corner sobbing and eating your hair isn’t nearly as fun as it sounds, but if you do it enough they stop asking you to cook.

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