Feeling lighter already

June 30, 2010

Back at the end of May I promised to start getting rid of stuff.  1000 things to be precise.  Last night I got a good start when I took my summer things out of the bins they’ve been sitting in for about a month.  I now have 68 less pieces of clothing, shoes and travel gear.  I could have probably gotten rid of another 68 things but I love them.  And while they don’t fit right at this moment, I am hopeful that by next summer they will.  Honestly, there is not much less that is demoralizing than emptying four 70L tote bins of clothes, 85% of which are too small.  On the upside though, I have more room in my drawers and closet for the stuff I did unpack.  But the weight issue is another rant post for another time.  Right now I just want to bask in the joy of feeling good about divesting things.

And on the stash knitdown front, the college I work for has a Early Childhood Education program.  In fact the daycare is right outside my office.  Well, my office building to be precise.  I emailed them last week and they are thrilled to be getting my odds and ends of yarn and fabric and what-the-hell-was-I-thinking-when-I-bought-this-yarn purchases.  I’m thrilled that someone will be able to use it and it won’t sit in a landfill for the next million years (yes, some of it is acrylic and that stuff probably never biodegrades).

So baby steps.  68 things gone from my life and 932 (or more) left.