It’s just, well, you know.

July 8, 2010

I’ve often used this site to whine about my weight.  It’s my blog and I’ll whine if I want to. 

Now, I know full well that no one made me eat those bags of Doritos and cheesies and all that other salty, greasy crap that is so bad for you but tastes so good.  Also, I know that I am the only one holding me back from dropping that weight.  Which will have to happen sooner rather than later as I suspect my mammoth ballooning swollen ankles will disappear once I drop some poundage.   Neither of these points are in dispute.  I am the architect of my weight gain and will be the architect of any weight loss.

But none of it will happen by Saturday.  Which is when my entire family will be celebrating my grandmother’s 98th birthday (yay Baba!!) at my sister’s house.  Where a new pool has just been installed.  And it’s quite literally hotter than the surface of the sun right now (and will be for the forseeable future I think) so I desperately want to get into the pool.  And my sister is on a big exercise kick and has dropped a ton of weight and looks great.  Awesome. 

Despite the fact that I will be surrounded by my family (none of whom are particularly thin) I am already feeling anxious.  And crabby (which makes me want to eat salt and grease which further compounds the problem).  And wish that women still wore those old style full length bathing suits that covered EVERYTHING.  Ah well, maybe I’ll make DH drive and just get so loaded that I don’t care what I look like.  And start hauling my ass to my local pool.  Swollen ankles aside, it can’t hurt to get my sorry self back into shape.  Even if it’s only to look good while swimming at my sister’s house.  Bring on the wine….it’s gonna be a very long day on Saturday.  I need to start early.