Lest we forget

I don’t normally write about world events.  Believe it or not, I follow the news quite religiously and I do have a pretty good idea of what is going on around me, both in my own country and beyond.  I like to be well informed.  Smart is sexy you know.

When I started this blog I made a conscious decision to keep it light(ish).  This is my space to whine, complain, vent, ask for (and receive) advice and support and generally just spout off about things affects me personally.  A sort of online journal if you will.  I figure that anyone reading this blog really could care less about my political leanings, my music choices and what I think of the world today.  Besides, there are online versions of newspapers with awesome columnists and scads of bloggers out there who write more eloquently and are more knowledgable about our world  and what’s going on in it than I ever will be.

That being said, today is Rememberance Day and I’d like to hope that everyone out there took some time today, whether it was at 11am or any other time of the day to stop and think about what our world would be like without the sacrifices that our soliders made, then and now.

I have very soft spot for the military.  My first serious boyfriend was (and still is) in the Army.  He’s been to Afganistan at least once and is decorated.  My first love holds a senior position in the Air Force.  My husband has been in the Army Reserves for 21 years.  We have friends who are actively serving our country. 

I’m sure every soldier has seen things they wish they could forget.  I’m sure they’ve been places they wish they hadn’t.  I’m sure they’ve had to do things they wish they didn’t.  I’m sure they’ve all lost things…friends, limbs, relationships, innocence.  Serving my country is not a calling I’ve ever had but I respect those who do have it and those who answer it.  And two minutes of silence today is the least I can do to show my support.


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