I like white.  A lot.  I think it’s clean and crisp and looks sophisticated.  It’s easy to match too.  I have several sets of white sheets and towels.  And duvet covers.    I’d even have white furniture if I could get away with it.

It’s not a particularly sensible colour to decorate with.  And yes, I know technically it’s a “shade” not a “colour”, but whatever.  And it’s definitely not practical as I have a black cat and a dirty husband.  But that’s what the “whitest whites” setting and Borax is for.

Lately though, I’m beginning to crave colour.  I’ve introduced hot pink and orange and lemon yellow hand towels into our ensuite.  Which is, black and, you guessed it, white.  In my defense it was decorated that way when we moved in and The Hubs and I weren’t prepared to rip down a roomful of tiles, physically or financially.

About a month ago, I bought blue sheets.  With pink roses on them.  There’s barely any white at all in them.  And I like it that way.


2 Responses to White

  1. Lori says:

    i work for the school dist in my town. I am a school bus driver. they always are in need of them but if it works for you people stay here till they die. Ive been here for 11 years. I have the middle of the day off. thirteen weeks of vacation and lots of time waiting for kids, and knitting wile being paid for it. Also lots of three day weekends.

  2. jelliDonut says:

    I agree with you about white. I have white leather furniture and I love it. Fantastic for pets. When we last moved I replaced our white bath towels with chocolate brown and I deeply regret it.

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