So, um, hi. It’s been a while.

October 1, 2014

Well, this is awkward. It’s been what? Over two years since I last wrote. I guess it will come as no surprise stuff has happened. A LOT OF STUFF.

I guess the biggest news is that The Hubs and I had a baby. I know. A baby. A girl in fact. After so long.

It’s both wonderful and terrifying and sometimes even a little bit awful. Don’t get me wrong, I love her to death, but there are some days when the Mister walks in the door and I hand her off even before he says hello. And I miss adult conversation. I don’t want to talk about poop and barf and diapers and cracked nipples and sleep habits all the time. I miss having discussions about politics and human rights and places we were going to go.

But all in good time. For now, most days anyway, at least those days I don’t immediately hand her off to her dad, I am savouring her little fingers and toes. And her fluffy, fuzzy baby chick hair. And how her nose scrunches when she laughs. And how her eyes widen when she sees something new. And how blowing on her face makes her laugh her baby belly laugh.

I’ve got six more months of being a stay at home mom and time flies.