It is possible that I’m overreacting. Maybe.

November 27, 2009

I know, me, overreact?  So unlike me and hard to believe.

DH spends a lot of time away from me now due to his job.  It sucks but it could be worse as his other options were other provinces, other countries or, well, unemployment.  So we suck it up.  I can’t support me on my salary let alone me, him, the cat, the house, two cars…..

He also works a lot.  Long, long days and once a month he’s gone the whole week instead of just the regular four days away.  In fact, twice this month he’s worked a five day week and twice next month he’ll work a five day week.  He’s normally supposed to work 40 hours over four days and once a month 40 hours over five days.  Needless to say, this is hard for both of us as we haven’t been married all that long.  Even if we had been married forever, it’s nice to see your significant other for more than two and half days or so a week.

Which brings me to my point.  Yesterday DH came home an announced he was going to watch the Grey Cup (CFL final for those of you not from Canada) on Sunday with a cousin of his at a bar.  I have nothing against the cousin, in fact he’s a nice guy and I like him.  What burns my ass is this. 

  1.  DH had been home less than five minutes when he announced this. 
  2.  It wasn’t open for discussion.
  3. As a general rule I see him briefly Friday morning, Friday evening (even if he comes home Thursday night he gets home late and generally goes to bed soon after he arrives…also I work all day on Friday so the day is pretty much shot) through Sunday night now (Monday morning doesn’t count since he leaves at an ungodly 5am).
  4. He is away all day NEXT Saturday at something he can’t miss.
  5. He has to work all week next week and then do it again for the third week of December.

I think you can understand why I said I wasn’t happy about his plans.  He came home late on Thursday.  I won’t see him until 5pm tonight (can you believe he had the nerve to ask me last night if I wanted another couple to come to dinner with us tonight?) and then I suspect he’ll go to sleep pretty early as he usually does on Friday nights now, he’s at his parents for a good chunk of time tomorrow (I have a pass (woooo!) as I have other plans…which I would have cancelled if he wasn’t going to his parents), we’re going to visit some of his cousins tomorrow night before we carry on to a party at my friend’s house and so the only time I can really spend any quality time with him is Sunday. 

Which is when he’s decided he’s going to do all the yard work while I do my regular Sunday chores of cleaning up, ironing and doing laundry.  Not to mention I have to work on Itchy & Scratchy as I’m under a deadline here people! 

And then he’s going to go and watch the game at a bar.  The game starts at 6pm which means he’ll leave at 5pm and he’ll be lucky to get home by 9pm.  If he doesn’t run into a bunch of other cousins who will encourage him to stay and have a few drinks and chit chat.  Which means he’ll be home around 10pm, have to deal with all the garbage and recycling (blue job at Casa Not Clean), pack for the week ahead and then bitch to me that there’s no food for him to eat. 


I’m not going out of my way to cook food for me if he’s not home.  And I’m certainly not going to make a big dinner and then have him waltz off to watch football all night.  Oh we can eat early he said.  Right.  Maybe when I’m 65 I’ll feel like eating at 4:30.  Until then…well I have two words.  One starts with F and the other with O.

Ever mindful of my tendency to overreact in a (possibly) negative way to him wanting to spend time with his family I suggested that maybe he watch the first half of the game and come home at half time.  We can salvage dinner together and the remainder of the evening. 

No he told me, he wants to see the whole game.  Not negotiable.

I’m thinking about calling a locksmith.  If he wants to hang out with his friends/family over his wife I’m sure they’d be happy to let him sleep on their sofa.  At least until Dec 18 when he takes possession of the cottage.

Lordy, lordy look who’s 40!

October 23, 2009

Well, actually no one yet.  But it’s coming.  DH turns 40 in May.  Yep, the big 4-0.  He wants a few parties.  One for family, one for friends.  And since his family is so weird I think that’s a good idea.  We’ve both decided it’s probably a good move not to subject anyone we care about to his family more than we have to (believe me I see the irony here).  Plus I’m hoping the MIL will step up to the plate and host the family party but even if she doesn’t I don’t mind doing it, you only turn 40 once.  Besides, it’s not easy living with me so I’m inclined to try and make it up to DH with his birthday celebrations.

But what do you buy the man who wants for nothing?  Really.  He.  Wants.  Nothing.  Unbeknownst to him I’ve started making him a sweater.  He thinks I’ve been asking about colours and styles and yarn textures randomly.  HA HA!  It’s pretty rare that I do anything randomly.  So there is that.  But the sweater is basic and black and boring and I can’t guarantee I’ll finish it before his birthday. 

So what to do?  I am open to buying a gift but I’d really like to make him something memorable for this milestone birthday.  I sew too so that doubles my crafting options.  I ran across this fabric  today while I was slacking  taking a break at work.  DH thinks The Simpson’s Spider Pig is the funniest thing EVER so I’m trying to figure out how I could incorporate that into a present.  And no, sadly he does not need a quilt, a shirt, a bag or any type of fabric gift I can think of off the top of my head so I’m not sure how I’d use it.  But he’d kill himself laughing if I did I can tell you that.

So please, send suggestions.  Especially if you know DH.  Or even if you don’t.  I’m stumped and I only have two or so months to pull this together.