I have a dream

July 21, 2010

Yesterday I called in sick to work.  I was sick.  Sort of.  I had some GI issues and I’ll leave it at that.  Nothing too unpleasant, just uncomfortable.  And I needed to sleep in.  And clean my bathrooms.  And do laundry.

Which is exactly what I did.  And you know, despite the fact that I’m not house proud, I enjoyed every minute of it.  Including the 2 hours I spent scrubbing down the bathrooms.  

I don’t know why, but I’m much more productive on my “sick” days than I am on the weekends.  On “sick” days I generally don’t mess around on the internet (that’s saved for work ha hahaha!) and I don’t often knit, unless I’m under a deadline.  Turns out, I don’t mind cleaning the house and I and I enjoy making fiddly dips and breads when my time is my own.  I even like ironing and weeding the garden.  I know the cat REALLY likes it when I’m home.

For a long time now, DH and I have discussed me not working a full week.  I have always been on board with this and would happily work three days a week, although it looks like four days will be the way it goes when it does come to pass.  Unfortunately, with a pay cut and starting a fundraising campaign at work, it’s not going to be feasible this year.  Or next year for that matter.

But it will happen.  I am already dreaming of the things I will get done.  I’ll have a clean house, an organized home office and I will even have time to sew again.  I also imagine that my freezer will be stocked with soups and casseroles and home made breads.  I will finally have time to spend with my nieces and I hope to read books again.  Maybe even catch up on that huge stack of magazines and cookbooks I have beside my bed.

But then again, maybe I’ll just sit my self down and knit on my days off.

OK so now what?

March 2, 2010

Today I was let go.  Well, technically I am still employed by my organization for another two months but today I was given notice and it turned out to be my last day as well.  A lot of us are “Unemployees of the Month” it turns out and I feel pretty good all things considered.  In fact I feel great.  Like a huge weight has been taken off me.

I had a longer run than I thought I would, I learned a lot of neat things and I made some great friends.  I also lost interest in working there about eight months ago and I suspect I was even suffering from depression.  I didn’t want to be there, I didn’t have any motivation but I couldn’t leave.  Or I couldn’t get up the gumption to leave.  What we put up with for the sake of money.  Until I decided I didn’t care about money and that no salary was worth the price of my soul being sucked dry.

Now I am free.  Liberated.  I can do as I please.

Except that I’m feeling a little odd.  It’s weird to be home in the middle of the day.  I feel kind of like I’m doing something I shouldn’t be doing like calling a sickie when I’m perfectly healthy.  I also expect that that feeling will pass in a few days and I’ll be sleeping in and enjoying my new life soon enough.

DH is happy for me, which is good.  Money isn’t an issue yet, although the belt-tightening has been going on for a while now as this turn of events has been anticipated by me for several months.  He did remind me that had we stayed in the old Shoebox house I would likely never have to go back to work, but sadly, Casa Not So Clean has a much bigger mortgage and requires lots of money for  maintenance.  I know that eventually I will need to seek gainful employment.  I have a few irons in the fire so to speak and I’m sure Murphy’s Law will kick in at any time.  Either I will find work within days and have no time off or I’ll be off forever and be grateful for whatever McJob I can scrounge up when the money runs out.

But until then I will sleep and read and knit and clean and sort and organize and relax and visit my friends and enjoy the “Lady of the Manor” lifestyle.  Today life is good.  It’s nice to have my soul back again.