Some weird random sh!t

November 3, 2009

Hallowe’en is traditionally a time of weirdness.  I’ve got more than a bit of pagan in me and I truly believe that the “veil” between the worlds is very thin around this time of the year.  You’re welcome to your thoughts and beliefs on this matter but I’m a believer myself.  There’s a lot we can’t explain and I’m inclined to not dismiss things just because Science says it’s a load of bunk.

Also, “the sight” runs in my family.  I don’t claim to have it myself but I can’t totally disregard those who do.

Anyway.  In the past four days there’ve been some strange things happening around Casa Not Clean House.  First odd occurrence….our pumpkin disappeared.  It wasn’t smashed, broken or otherwise abused.  It just disappeared.  Poof!  Which is strange as it wasn’t particularly well carved (I made a cat…boring) and it was huge.  At least 15 lbs.  And it was sitting on our porch which meant that whoever took it had to come pretty much right up to the front door to get it.  Which creeps me out when I think about it since I’m home alone now for most of the week.  But it’s gone.  Disappeared into the night, without a trace.

Second odd occurrence.  A bag of random garbage was dropped off in front of our house.  Ok, so this isn’t so much odd but annoying.  Still, in the year and a half that we’ve lived at Casa Not So Clean we’ve never been the recipients of random garbage dumping.

Third odd occurrence.  Yesterday I came home to find our banana tree (well, some kind of exotic, flat leaf tree that I call a banana tree) had fallen over and snapped clean in half.  I had recently moved it slightly closer to the wall but it was totally stable and and most importantly, it was healthy. 

Finally, and this is the last odd occurrence, one of our neighbours was grilling me about where another neighbour’s green bin disappeared to.  Probably the same place as my pumpkin but let’s not go there.  Anyway, said neighbour only noticed YESTERDAY that we have two giant green bins and wondered where the second one came from as his neighbour’s went missing. 

Well Concerned Nneighbour, if you had been paying attention for the past year, you’d have noticed we regularly put out TWO green bins and that ONE came with Casa Not So Clean and that the second was delivered brand-spanking new from the city we live in.  Also, as an aside, if I was to take the neighbour’s green bin, I’d probably not take one from the guy who lives thee houses down from us on the other side of the street.  I’m lazy and that’s just too much work to drag it all theway back to my house.  I’d probably pinch the one from the students who live next door to us as they are, oh, NEXT DOOR to us.  Just sayin.

Now none of these are particularly creepy events (except for the pumpkin maybe but I’m inclined to blame drunken students for that) but they are kind of random.  And they are all annoying and they all happened in and around Hallowe’en.  All I know is that this business better stop and whatever Fairy Folk we have kicking around Casa Not So Clean had best stop with their shenanigans.  I have an active enough imagination to freak my self out all by myself.  I certainly don’t need otherworldly help to me along.