ExpectANT not expectING.  I’m not pregnant.  I’d have a much better post title than that.

Do you ever have the feeling that something is going to happen?  Like you’re waiting for the other shoe to drop?  Jumpy when the phone rings?  Anxious every time you open your inbox?

That’s how I’ve been feeling for the last month or so.  I can’t really figure out why I’ve been feeling expectant.  I don’t expect any big news from anyone about anything.  I don’t play the lotteries either so it’s not like I’m having a premonition of winning the big one.  That would be nice though.   The Hubs is unlikely to be sent out of town for work either so I’m not waiting for that news.  I just feel weird.  Like I’m waiting for something.  But I don’t know what I’m waiting for.

It’s like a cloud hanging over me.  Not a dark cloud of impending doom but a cloud of, well, expectation. 

And to be honest, it’s driving me nuts.  Whatever it is that I’m waiting for better hurry up and get here.  I may be expectant but I’m definitely not patient.


2 Responses to Expectant

  1. beth says:

    The google ad right below this post was about winning the lottery. I think you need to go buy a lotto ticket.

    I also have the same feeling. Didn’t like D traveling this week because of it, but he’s back. Phew.

  2. Susan says:

    This happens to me all the time. Seriously. The last time it did, the freezer died and a whole lot of food got chucked into the dumpster. Most of the time, however, absolutely nothing happens. That almost makes it worse. Don’t be like me. Have some wine and enjoy yourself.

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