It’s a wrap

Well kids, DH and I are home.  Let me reiterate again that I really do like DH’s cousin to whom we subjected ourselves.  But let’s summarize the trip shall we?

free accomodation
like the host very much
fresh fruit and lots of fish 
saw a lot of movies 
beach was close by 
spent a lot of time beach combing 
swam with stingrays 
discovered that SPF 50 really does keep me from 3rd degree sunburn 
discovered fit flops really do work muscles I forgot I had 
bathing suits fit and didn’t look too bad 
saw rare and endangered blue iguanas
ate a lot of rum  cake 
was much warmer than here

not cheap to get there 
host had to work much of the time 
island currency was at least 50% more than our dropping-like-a-stone Canadian dollar so just about everything cost waaaaay too much
average dinner cost $100 US or so….and that’s with little or no alcohol 
no nightlife 
beach was uphill both ways and rocky 
no beach chairs to sit on, no umbrellas to hide under, no pool boys named Raoul, Juan or Jesus to bring me drinks
swam with stingrays – I don’t like touching nature or having nature touch me
got 3rd degree sunburn the only day I neglected to put said sunscreen on since we were going to be spending all but 20 minutes inside – those 20 minutes were a killer though
fit flops  cause muscle pain in muscles I forgot I had AND give me blisters
hands and feet swelled excessively which was uncomfortable and more importantly unattractive
no one to see me in decent fitting bathing suits except  DH
f’ing feral roosters prohibited decent sleep 
ate a lot of rum cake 
had to make my own bed, clean up after myself and there was a strict limit of two towels per visit 

 Ah but I’m back in the Great White North again and to be honest, I’m happy to be home.  I am reunited with my electric toothbrush, uber-comfortable mattress and the cat.  And despite the fact that I still have to make the bed, clean up (after me, Bax and DH), go to work and do all the tedious everyday things (including outlaw visits) I’m happy to be home.  I’m one of those people who like to go away but like to come back better.

But I told DH, next year if we elect/can afford to go away again during the winter I’M picking the trip and it WILL be at a resort where there will be NO roosters anywhere (except perhaps on my dinner plate) and I will have unlimited towels, a blissfully comfortable bed and a short, level walk to the pool and/or ocean.  A pool boy named Juan who will bring me lots of rum based drinks would be an added benefit too.


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