Updates and random musings

So after DH’s three day 40th birthday extravaganza I took some time off.  I’m still tired.  But I’m finally feeling coherent enough to jumble together some sort of post. 

  • 40th Birthday parties – they all went well thanks for asking.  The giant monkeys on the lawn were a big surprise (thank God DH does not check Facebook regularly!) and go figure there was way too much food.  The MIL brought food, aunts brought food, my mom brought food, I cooked food, assorted friends and cousins brought food.  Let’s just say that it’s a good thing we have two GIANT green boxes for composting.  And no, I don’t feel guilty about tossing all that food at all.  Especially since hardly any of it that got tossed was mine.
  • Surprisingly there was no drama.  This was both good and bad.  Good as it made for smooth running parties but bad I really was hoping to be able to kick people out of my house. 
  • The birthday sweater did not get finished.  The Spider Pig cake did not get made.  The Spider Pig fabric was not ordered and thus the pj pants were not sewn.  DH nixed everything but the sweater.  Estimated time of completion for that….on the 12th of Never given how I feel oddly uncreative these days.
  • DH will not be having a 50th birthday party thrown by me I have decided.  I am still tired from a week and a half of cooking, cleaning and gardening. 
  • Still waiting for my “trinket” of appreciation for spending nearly a mortgage payment on the party, being nice to people I can’t stand and opening my house up to 80+ people over three days.  Suspect I’ll still be waiting when his 50th birthday rolls around.
  • Who knew my post on swollen ankles would garner so much spam? 
  • And speaking of swollen ankles it appears that heat+salt=swelling. It eventually goes away but it’s going to be an uncomfortable and unattractive summer I think.
  • Wedding season is upon us and we have the first of two (so far but hopefully that’s it) weddings to attend this week.  As this is on DH’s side I don’t give a rat’s ass about what I am wearing.  I am breaking my cardinal rule of not wearing black to a wedding and, well, will be wearing a black dress.  Hey, it’s stretchy, pretty and I really don’t need any more formal wear at this point in my life.  Not to mention I have run out of time to make something and can’t be bothered to spend money on non-yarn and book related purchases.
  • On Sunday I am going here with my friend Steph.  We may also make a stop into  Chapters as they’re having a 20% off sale and hey, you can never have too many knitting, gardening or cooking books.  I’m particularly smitten with Rustic Fruit Desserts .
  • Next weekend the DH is away at a camping stag trip (have fun…I’ll miss you..but will enjoy having the bed to myself!) and I have big yarn store plans.  Perhaps a trip to Listowel?  Definitely a weekend of sleeping in though.
  • I really need to make the blinds for our living room and dining room.  Really. 
  • I have discovered that while I like growing plants I do not like planting them.  Weeding is ok though.  Huh.
  • Squirrels and rabbits are the bane of my gardening existence.  I have, no word of a lie, 25 mystery plants that have come up in my gardens which have been ”planted” by squirrels.  I suspect they are cucumbers.  No one needs that many cucumbers.
  • Rabbits have decimated my rhubarb and raspberries.  Gah!  I suspect chicken wire fencing is in my near future.
  • I am mere seconds away from stabbing one of my co-workers with my pen as he has daily lame phone conversations with his GF.   We work in an open concept office and he’s loud.  They discuss riveting topics such as how they each slept the previous night, what they dreamed about, what one or both of them will be having for dinner, how their respective exercise programs are going all interspersed with sucky-face comments.   Two words for you dude…cell phone.  Oh God now he is whispering to her…please make it stop.
  •  My face has decided to act like it’s 18 again.  I haven’t broken out like this for nearly 20 years.  Sadly I do not have the 18 year old body to go along with the suddenly 18 year old face.
  • Lately I seem to have no creative energy.  I am trying to finish a lace baby blanket and have several more baby presents to make.  I  am pretty sure this blanket will be done by the time this kid goes to college.  Eeep.
  • I have rediscovered my love of stove-popped popcorn.  My sister bought me a great housewarming present that was popcorn themed.  She’s the best!
  • I have strange cravings for cake these days.  Time to break out the Cake Love book I guess.  But I am thinking the ricotta cake will be next.  Watch for it in June’s Cake’s I’ve Made page.  Mmmmm cake!

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