How much knitting is too much knitting?

So the DH and I are going to Ottawa this weekend.  He has a friend who is being shipped off to Afganistan and we’re going to the send off party.  I don’t really want to go as these are the DH’s “army buddy friends” and I can think of not much worse than spending an evening yakking about guns, tanks, our country’s foreign policy re: Afganistan and other manly topics.  I’m sure we’ll discuss other stuff but let’s face it, I have to have my game face on the whole time and that’s just not fun.

To sweeten the deal though, DH has arranged for a home-made Thai food extravaganza at a friend’s house (yum!) where I have the option of learning William Tell tricks.  Not entirely sure what that entails but the possibility of being able to threaten the DH with my mad archery skills at some point in the future is appealing.

Also, with a bit of reasearch on my part, I am a librarian after all, I have discovered that Ottawa has five (yep count’em) five great yarn stores.  I am hoping to get to at least two.  Maybe three.  This one, this one and hopefully this one.  The other two would be awesome as well but I know how far I can push the DH when it comes to crack yarn stores.  Plus I really do need to hit the Sephora at the Rideau Centre.

Of course we also have to visit a museum in our nation’s fair capital.  We’ve been to all of them.  I would love to go to the National Gallery but the DH is not keen on Art Galleries and he is dying to go to the  Canadian War Museum which, as you can imagine, thrills me to no end.  I was pleasantly surprised to see it has a nicely apointed boutique, which is where I plan to while away the time as I wait for him to finish looking at everything.  I wonder if they allow knitting needles in the museum?

We will also be doing a lot of visiting and that also just isn’t my thing.  Three days of “game face” and feigning interest in stuff I don’t care about is tiring.  But, there are those three (or five) yarn stores.  And a walk through the Byward Market.  Which is always fun.  Unless it rains and then it becomes incredibly not fun.

So three days of visiting/museum viewing/eating plus a five or so hour drive each way.  And two nights in a hotel…what to do I bring to knit?  And realistically, how much will I be able to get through?  How much to take is kind of irrelevant as we’re driving so I could take my whole stash if I really needed to.

Obviously the Ravelympics EZ BSJ is the top priority.  And if all goes well I should be able to have it finished by the time we get there (DH is under strict orders that he has to drive the whole way….his trip plus he used to live there and I am notoriously directionally dysfunctional…sometimes on purpose for situations such as this!).  But what else?  Should I bring one of the gazillion pairs of mittens I need to make?  Should I drag that project-that-will-not-end Ombre Blanket that was supposed to be finished in February?  Should I start Rachael Rabbit’s pinwheel blanket?  Plus I need to make a hostess gift for Friday night too….a trio of knitted dishcloths anyone?  Guess I’ll be making those on the way there since I have yet to cast them on so far this week. Oh the decisions!  Oh the stress!

So I’ll need at least one portable project (mittens it looks like) and as already discussed the BSJ has to be finished by Sunday.  And it’s pretty portable too really.  The Ombre Blanket is just too unwieldy so it will stay home but what else to bring?  I also don’t want to drag a bunch of books around either.  Pinwheel blanket?  Swancho?  Itchy-scratchy-100% acrylic FIL sweater?  Oh there’s a story that goes along with that last one…..for another blog post I promise.

As Winnie-the-Pooh says…think, think, think think think.  I will report back when I’ve figured it out.  In the interim I have to do laundry, pack, water the house plants, organize the DH, get the cat ready for her vacation at grandma and grandpa’s house…….


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